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How I Help

My goal is to help clients see themselves as I see them: as worthwhile, likeable people deserving of the self-care that leads to long-term health and happiness. I help my clients articulate their compelling reasons to change their current lifestyle habits and channel their motivation into an action plan.

As your Registered Dietitian I will help you: 

Understand Food

  • Educate you about optimal wholesome nutrition.

  • Lead you to improved energy levels and health through diet and nutrition education.

  • Allow you to create a reasonable, realistic eating plan that is healthful with meals that are manageable to prepare.

  • Help you to avoid a nutrition plan that is impossible to maintain and is likely to be abandoned.

  • Lead you to see certain foods as the empty promises that they are.

  • Teach you how to grocery shop, meal plan, cook healthy food, read menus, and handle social and holiday eating situations.

Understand Your Body

  • Instruct you about the intricate biological process of digestion, providing an understanding of how incredible your body is and how it wants to work in the healthiest ways possible.

  • Teach you about the disease-fighting and health-promoting properties of a given diet plan.

  • Guide you to understand the physiology of digestion and how certain foods effect your energy levels, allowing you to understand that poor food choices can cause poor emotional states.

  • Help you to recognize, with attention to evolutionary biology, why our bodies store fat, especially during periods of stress, and how to avoid this trap.

Understand Your "Diet Mind"

  • Help you move beyond blame and excuses, allowing you to accept the personal responsibility involved in improving and maintaining your health.

  • Demand that you understand your self-worth and recognize that always putting yourself last may play a role in your eating.

  • Hold you accountable to take better care of yourself.

  • Address the barriers involved in maintaining a long-term healthy diet and guide you to set up your environment for enduring success.

  • Recognize negative self-talk and guide you to replace it with positive self-talk.

  • Validate why you behave with food the way you do when stressed, bored, sad, or overwhelmed and then help you find healthier ways to deal with these emotions.

  • Acknowledge that your goal to take care of yourself and soothe negative emotions is, at its heart, good, and guide you to figure out other methods of obtaining that same emotional release.

  • Assist you in managing “decisional fatigue” when it comes to making healthy food choices, granting you the power of being on auto-pilot some of the time and being more mindful about your diet at other times.

  • Draw on your successes in other areas of your life and help you to apply those pathways to success to weight management and nutrition.

  • Lead you to recognize the impact that role models and diet supporters have in your life while acknowledging diet saboteurs and teaching you how to respond to their comments in an assertive and personally responsible way.

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